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Instagram Tips for Tours and Attractions

Shawn Sires - Turas Media

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Tips for Tour and Attraction Companies and Instagram

A long standing tradition of traveling to great destinations and experiencing "bucket list" adventures is sharing those experiences with others? Instagram is a simple way to capture and share those moments with the world through photos and live video. There are over 300 million users daily on Instagram, and tour and attraction companies can take advantage of Instagram by using it as a presence to gain popularity, create a community of users who share their adventures, and to increase their direct customer base.

Instagram Tips

#Hashtags – Use, Search, Engage!

Hashtags are an essential component used to gain popularity on Instagram. Posts that include at least one hashtag can experience a 15% increase in engagement.

Hashtags are a "tag" that categorizes photos with the same theme or content. If you want to connect to frequent travelers and in-market tourists hashtags related to travel and your attraction are a good idea.

For example, Great Southwest Moto Adventures in Las Vegas, uses the following Hashtags for some of their Instagram posts.

#TrueAdventure #AfricaTwin #TravelNV #RideNowVegas

Why #AfricaTwin?

Because Great Southwest Moto Adventures is the home of the Honda Africa Twin Motorcycle, and Moto enthusiasts will seek out the Africa Twin specifically for their vacation and “bucket list” experience. Using the #AfricaTwin hashtag ensures that enthusiasts can discover Great Southwest Moto Adventure tours when searching for information on this motorcycle.

Also, it's a good idea to search and engage with other Instagram users posting with that same hashtag and to engage and follow them.

Example of Great Southwest Moto Adventures Instagram

Straightforward and Clear Photos

Keep your photos simple and illustrative of your experience. Try to capture your experience, and the customers in action. If you are featuring products in a picture, make sure the background is plain so that your product stands out.

Instagram has some great filters. Be consistent and choose the filters that enhance your photos.

Target Your Audience

It’s important to remember the purpose of your page, your audience, and who you are targeting with your posts. Whether the purpose is to illustrate your attraction, promote bookings, or increase followers, you should focus on that goal with each and every photo, caption, and tag.

Tag Other Accounts

Try and tag other Instagram accounts in your photos of brands that relate to travel , tours, and attractions. This allows your photo to show up in the brand's ‘"photos of you" section of their profile. They will be notified, and may even engage with your post!

Make sure the photo features the brand to avoid being considered "spam".

Inspire User Actions

Instagram is a conversation with your customers. As fans scroll through their feed, they will take action if you inspire them. Create calls to actions.

For example, asking for a "double tap" if you like Adrenaline Activities, Helicopter Rides, or Foodie activities.

When your customers respond, this will increase your page's activity, likes, and followers.

According to eMarketer, over a third of all social network users in the United States (an estimated 185M people) are on Instagram, compared with 90% who use Facebook and 28% who use Twitter. Based on the research firm's projections, this figure will grow to 40% by 2017 and reach nearly 50% of all social media users by the year 2020.

Instagram is an "on the go" social media tool primarily used on mobile devices. With 20-50% of tour and attraction bookings coming from mobile this should be considered an important part of the marketing mix.

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