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Why Mobile - Because it's Summer

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It is hard to argue that mobile phones occupy a prominent place in our daily lives – in fact they are now our constant companions and something we apparently check more than 150 times daily. This trend presents an unmistakable marketing opportunity for the Tour and Travel Industry by providing a valuable and necessary option to market directly to their guests. .

Almost 63% of all tours and attractions are booked while “in-market” – tourists typically plan a few major things ahead of time – but they wait until they are at the destination to decide what to do. It is a spur of the moment decision – and the mobile phone is in their hand.

During the summer months mobile usage grows significantly as people move outside, take trips, and are generally on the go.

For the Travel and Hospitality industry today:
• 49% of internet visits are via mobile
• 80% of those visits are via Apps

During the summer months, mobile usage skyrockets as maps, tourism info, weather, news, events, and travel takes center stage.

During summer months Facebook mobile usage sees an increase of at least:
23% for ages 18-44
33% for ages 45 and above

During summer months for all social media there is a:
46% increase in social media posts tagged “travel”

While the usage of mobile has matured so have the tools, technologies, measurement, and efficacy of mobile marketing.


• Where is your customer this summer and what are their technology priorities?
• What are the opportunities to reach them on-the-go, in-market, and while traveling?

The good news is that for successful tour and travel companies, the opportunity to create highly effective and successful mobile strategies exists today. Through a well informed mobile strategy, these brands are able to communicate with their current customers while reaching new guests in ways that fit the modern lifestyle. Whether social media, mobile apps, mobile display, mobile wallet, or location based beacons the ability to target defined audiences, provide real-time offers, and capture customer data a mobile strategy is now a critical part of your overall marketing strategy.

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